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The ‘worst’ UK airports for cancellations and delayed have been named | Travel News | Travel

There’s no better feeling than getting through airport security, locating your gate and gearing up to jet off on your holiday. That is, of course, until you see those dreaded words: “Cancelled” or “delayed”. Recent data, collected from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), uncovered which airport cancelled the most flights from the first day of 2023 to the last day of September, and which experienced the longest delays in flights taking off.

And while one airport is a fairly small hub, the other is one of the biggest in the UK. Based on the data, collected from the CAA by, London City Airport was slammed for being “the worst” when it comes to cancellations.

An expert from said: “If you regularly use London City Airport to fly from, there is a chance you’ll have experienced the frustration of a flight cancellation. The airport, the smallest of the five major airports based in the English capital, has seen more flight cancellations than any other airport in the UK.”

According to CAA data, between the analysed dates, London City experienced cancellations among 3.73 percent of the flights which were scheduled to depart. That equates to 1,410 flights in that period.

However, it’s an improvement on data from December 2022, when 309 or 7.83 percent of the 3,942 flights for the month had to be cancelled. contacted London City Airport for comment on the data.

But it’s not all bad news when it comes to airport cancellations, as the CAA data also revealed that Stansted Airport is the UK’s most “efficient” airport. According to findings by,  though Stansted is the third busiest flight hub in the country, from January 1 to September 30, a total of 135,776 flights were scheduled to take off from Stansted and to their credit, only 0.63 percent of them had to be cancelled.

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Cancellations aren’t the only thing that can put a dampener on a holiday, though. Delays can also cause quite a headache, and according to the data collected, one airport is a hub for multiple airlines that were prone to delays during the analysed period.

Gatwick Airport is the UK’s second busiest airport, so perhaps it is no surprise that it’s also one where delays are fairly common. A spokesperson from said: “We’re told to get to the airport in plenty of time to avoid delays, which most of us adhere to. So when we stick to this rule, one of the biggest frustrations is to find out the flight you’ve turned up two hours early for has been delayed.”

Gatwick has been ranked the “worst airport for delays in 2023” with an average additional waiting time of 26 minutes. contacted London Gatwick for comment. A spokesperson for the airport said: “The majority of cancellations were made by airlines as a result of inefficient ground operations, poor weather and en route airspace constraints across Europe.

“We continue to work closely with our airline partners to ensure they have the capabilities to fly their schedules.”

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