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The E.l.f. Holy Hydration Lip Mask Is Just Like A Pricier One

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With winter coming to an end in some parts of the country, everyone’s lips could use a little extra hydration. All that cold, dry air does a great job of sucking moisture out of your skin, which explains why things may be feeling a bit more chapped than usual… and why your go-to lip balm may not be enough to fix it.

One way to get that pout back to hydrated perfection is by trying an overnight lip mask that seals in moisture while you sleep — and many people on TikTok will tell you that this one from Laneige is among the best that money can buy. But if you’re looking for an option that gets the job done without costing $24, you’re in luck: The E.l.f. Skin Holy Hydration! Lip Mask delivers impressive results for just $7.

Both products contain hyaluronic acid, a powerful humectant that’s beloved in the skin care world for its ability to hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water. It works by drawing in water from the environment and locking it in — sort of like a sponge for your lips. The Holy Hydration mask also contains castor oil and squalane, which nourish and soften the lips while also creating a sort of seal over the skin to prevent moisture from escaping.

Laneige’s lip mask offers antioxidant protection in the form of vitamin C and a proprietary berry complex, but considering this type of environmental defense is most important during the day, this more basic (and affordable) product can replenish your lips while you sleep.

Having tried both products, I can confirm that they have a similar jelly texture, which feels luxurious on the lips and offers a subtle cooling effect that makes application feel amazing. Like the Laneige formula, E.l.f.’s lip mask leaves behind a slight sheen — sort of like a clear lip gloss — but doesn’t feel greasy, goopy, or sticky. Unlike its pricier counterpart, it comes with a spatula so that you don’t have to dip your fingers into the pot to pull out the product, and comes with a gorgeous berry scent that reviewers — and this beauty editor right here — absolutely love.

This drugstore lip mask is a dead ringer for a more expensive one.

Speaking of reviewers, they can’t say enough good things about this product. One Ulta shopper has called it a “game changer” for her dry lips (“Even after it fades it leaves my lips with lasting moisture,” she says), and another says it’s “the most nourishing, hydrating lip balm I have ever used.”

E.l.f.’s lip mask delivers on its promise of “holy hydration,” and at $7 a pop, it’s well worth adding one to your cart. But be warned: This stuff is so good, “one” will become “one for every purse” in no time at all.

Promising Amazon reviews:

“This product is amazing. I bought it at Ulta and I ran out so fast so I got one on Amazon. This is the best product it doesn’t make your lips feel super sticky or anything like that it makes your lips feel smooth and hydrated. It works like any other other highly priced nice brand or product disclaimer there is no sense and fragrance isn’t really good for your lips. I honestly think elf is one of the best products in the whole entire world.” — Kyle

“I love laneige but this brand is way cheaper and almost just as good with a way better price. It’s way smaller than laneige but a little goes a long way. I love it!” — Yvonne

“It feels just like the Laneige sleep mask! Not super sticky either, and lasts about just as long. My lips are always dry and this is super soothing” — Sarah Stieglitz

“Hands down the best! Better then Laneige lip mask. It’s so plumping and feels like a dream. And just look at the price! A++++” — Taylor

“BUY THE LIP MASK. the elf lip mask is everything laneige claims to be. It’s actually thick and will last through the night. Perfect for long roadtrips. Will repurchase.” — christine White

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