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Heading out into the countryside is one of the best ways to cleanse the soul – and one English village offers perfect access to some of the country’s most beautiful areas. The village of Buttermere is remarkably small, with just two pubs and a few farms. However, it’s location makes it ideal for hikers who want to head out into the Lake District.

A small hamlet, it is situated between the lakes Buttermere and Crummock Water, which were originally one post-glacial lake.

Appropriately, the name Buttermere derives from “the lake by the dairy pastures”.

It even has its own dark romantic tale attached to it. The story goes that Mary Robinson, who was the stunning daughter of the Fish Hotel’s landlord, became known as the “Beauty of Buttermere”.

In 1802 she married Lieutenant-Colonel the Hon. Alexander Augustus Hope – but he was unveiled to be an imposter and bigamist who was eventually hanged in Carlisle for forgery.

The story has been told across a number of novels – including Melvyn Bragg in “The Maid of Buttermere.”

As one of the most famous beauty spots in England, the Lake District can find itself getting rather busy during the summer.

But Buttermere lake is known as one of its hidden gems. Found in the remote northwestern corner of the park, it feels far removed from the more well-known destinations of Windermere and Coniston.

As for the lake itself, it is surrounded by incredible mountain peaks, including Haystacks and Red Pike.

Visitors can hike around the lake or get on it with kayaking available. You only need to purchase a boating permit from the car park machine – although will need to provide your own boat.

The 660-metre tall Haystacks also makes a great trip out. While steep and occasionally difficult, the end result is a fantastic panoramic view of the Lake District and even southern Scotland.

A 4.5 mile circular route also runs all the way around the edge of the lake.

The National Trust car park for Buttermere lake and village is just outside the hamlet, 300 yards towards Cockermouth. From there you can walk to two of the lakes – Crummock Water or Buttermere itself..

There are several accommodation options, including the Bridge Hotel and Buttermere Court Hotel in the centre of the village, as well as the nearby Kirkstile Inn.

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