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Travel expert and journalist Simon Calder recommended four European destinations to visit in 2024 during a recent interview with BBC Breakfast.

According to the travel guru, Portugal, Bulgaria, Montenegro and Albania are a must-visit this year and “very cheap”.

He said: “In Western Europe, it has to be Portugal, and in Eastern Europe, Bulgaria – obviously a very popular package holiday destination.”

He explained that Albania is stunning and although it’s not “as sophisticated as Corfu”, it’s a great destination for a summer holiday – “beautiful and friendly”.

What is there to visit in these pretty European countries?

1. Portugal

Portugal is a gorgeous country with a rich history, vibrant cities and a beautiful coastline. Simon recommended visiting Lisbon, and the cities of Cascais, Estoril and Sintra.

He explained: “I love Lisbon, one of Europe’s most beautiful capital cities, and the locations on its western flanks – in particular Cascais, Estoril and Sintra. But until now I haven’t strayed south to the Setubal Peninsula: much less well known, but full of surprises.

“Do try O Barbas – an amazing seafood restaurant overlooking the Atlantic in Costa da Caparica; the wild, windy and atmospheric cape of Espichel; and Setubal itself, a sleepy, friendly city.”

Head to beautiful Lisbon or Porto for a nice weekend getaway, or discover the Algarve coast, perfect for a relaxing summer holiday.

2. Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a truly beautiful country – its sandy Black Sea beaches are a must-see, as well as Plovdiv and Sofia, two of the most gorgeous cities.

Simon explained: “Your money goes further in Bulgaria! We’ve been telling everyone for years that Bulgaria is a great holiday destination, about how wonderful the weather is, how soft the sandy beaches are, the excellent hotels and of course the low cost of living there.”

3. Montenegro

Montenegro is one of Europe’s most “underrated nations” and one of the cheapest holiday destinations, according to a recent study by holiday experts Jersey Island Holidays.

The country’s most popular summer destination is Kotor Bay, which was named “a jewel of the Mediterranean,” with its pretty fishing villages and breathtaking views.

Kotor Old Town is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site with many visitors describing it as a “beautiful and very peaceful” spot for a holiday.

4. Albania

Travel experts at Wanderlust explained that Albania is “the secret Mediterranean”, where “beaches remain largely resort-free”.

Some of the most fascinating places to visit are Tirana, Berat and the Albanian Riviera.

Simon commented: “Albania, of course, the island of Corfu faces over to it. It is beautiful and very friendly. It’s not quite as sophisticated as Corfu, but I think for 2024 it’s going to be a real highlight if you want a cut-price holiday and there’s a fare war going on.”

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