Ninja’s 2-Basket Foodie Air Fryer Is $99

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Eating out excessively because I’m too busy to cook might be one of my biggest adulting challenges. With my daily obligations, I find myself skipping out on at-home meals for expensive takeout an embarrassing amount of times weekly. We’re also a little over a month away from summer which makes cooking at a hot stove even less appealing. That said, Target seems to have a solid solution for anyone wanting less stove time and more fast-food money saved: Ninja’s two-basket Foodie air fryer, finally marked down to $99. Just pop it into your cart to see the updated sale price.

Whether you’re a recovering drive-thru bandit trying to save money by cooking at home or want less stove time as the weather gets hotter— this air fryer can help you double down on efficiency. It’s basically two air fryers in one device so you can put food on plates twice as fast. The Ninja Foodie features two three-quart baskets with two sets of buttons so you can cook things simultaneously on their respective settings — with a wide temperature range between 105 and 400 degrees. “It is so much faster and easier than the oven which is key with little kids,” one Target reviewer notes.

You’re also not limited to just air frying since the Ninja Foodie has roasting, baking, reheating and dehydrating settings. One shopper shared a pretty promising report about successfully dehydrating “strawberries, peppers and mushrooms.” Given all these settings and the dual cooking options, several reviewers noted that this Ninja Foodie air fryer dethroned their single-basket one or it was their go-to replacement when their first one gave out.

When mealtime ends and clean-up commences, this air fryer is designed to make even that process easier and faster thanks to dishwasher-friendly parts. “It cooks very well and is super easy to wash,” one shopper vouches. “I’d have to say I dreaded washing my old one but this one cleans up so easy, stuff doesn’t stick and cleans right off. I also love that you can remove the middle thing to make it one large basket, that definitely comes in handy.”

Heads up: A few months ago, some reviewers reported receiving the wrong Ninja air fryer — a single-basket one — after purchasing from this listing. Based on the latest reviews with photos, however, it seems Target fixed the system issue and folks are indeed getting their dual-basket air fryers in the mail. Phew!

Now, get into a few more promising reviews from people who aren’t feeling a lick of buyer’s remorse about this dual-basket cooking aid.

“I finally caved. This airfryer has been great – Intuitive, easy to clean, crisps wonderfully. I love the match function (where you can program the baskets to be done at the same time).” — Adrianq

“I’ve wanted for a while to update my 1 basket air fryer to this one, it’s great! A ninja it’s also a great brand.” — Anonymous

“Great purchase on sale! Includes 2 trays with variable temps per side! Easy to clean and use… Nice!” — Samboogie

“I’ve been wanting one for years but never wanted to spend the money on it! I’m so glad I finally did! Love it & easy to clean!!” — Lexx

“Amazing! The entire family love this Ninja air fryer. We purchased after our old one went out. Easy to use cooks fast and efficient. Our teen son uses it daily.” — Moelipstick

“Own a few Shark/Ninja products and have yet to be disappointed. Made nuggets and some very crispy bacon in the air fryer so far. Easy to operate and clean. Looking forward to trying some new recipes.” — SRD

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