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Europe’s happiest city – where 97 percent of locals absolutely love living there | Travel News | Travel

A pretty little city has officially been declared Europe’s happiest after a fresh survey declared that 97 percent of residents absolutely love to live there.

The statistics, provided by the European Commission, show that it is miles above other continental cities like Rome, Istanbul and Athens when it comes to satisfaction among locals.

The investigation looked into a range of factors, including transport, housing, environment and other services, and the Swiss capital came out on top. Zurich is home to various cultural and historical artefacts, a fancy shopping scene, and one of the world’s great lakes.

The city’s old town is where the tourists flock to, with its gorgeous old architecture and various churches and cafes nestled into the narrow streets.

On the eastern side of the old town is a pedestrian zone lined with shops and quaint cafes – although once the sun goes down, the area transforms into a bustling centre of bars and outdoor restaurants.

The other side of the old town has Lindenhof Hill – the only public park within the old town walls, and one which is also registered as a Swiss Heritage Site. It has a wonderful atmosphere, as well as boasting some of the best views of Zurich that you’ll find anywhere in the city.

Nevertheless, the local mountain gets close – Uetliberg rises 871 metres above sea level and has a lookout tower on top. Locals regularly go up via train, all the way from town or from its base.

Some people enjoy the hike, but it can take hours to get up there. In winter, people use it for sledding and snowshoeing.

Zurich is also known for its vibrant nightlife, with its techno scene being extremely active. Despite it being a place full of bankers and corporate types, the business mood quickly melts away in the various posh clubs and underground raves available.

One of the most iconic parts of Zurich, however, is its wonderful lake. People love to go for a bike ride around it whatever the weather, or you can just walk and take a dip in at any moment.

It has crystal-clear water, meaning you don’t have to worry about picking up various sewage-induced diseases as you do in most parts of Britain now.

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