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Cruise passenger slams rude woman over soup dining nightmare | Cruise | Travel

Cruise ships often carry thousands of passengers. While some holidaymakers make friends for life, guests might find there are a few bad eggs onboard as well.

A cruise passenger took to Reddit to share their experience with a difficult fellow passenger in one of the ship’s speciality restaurants.

They described the experience as a “dining nightmare” and said the woman started “screaming” over a bowl of soup.

‘Custodyaccident’ claimed: “Woman absolutely loses her marbles over being ignored for 20 minutes. We were seated right before her and we had not been in the restaurant for 15 minutes.

“She received her soup and felt it was too cold. She had the soup for no more than three minutes when she gets up and starts screaming, verging on crying, for attention. It was quite the show. The crew tried their best to coddle her the rest of the meal.

“It was such a surreal experience, the level of freak out she had over what was most likely fairly warm soup.

“I ordered it too and we got it around the same time so unless they have a pot that they bust out just to torture solo diners, it was fine.”

Guests usually have to pay extra to dine at specialty restaurants so may expect a higher level of service than at the included venues.

A regular cruise fare usually includes access to the ship’s basic restaurants and the buffet, without drinks.

The buffet is also often the scene of passenger drama. A Reddit user ‘sbucks2121’ claimed they saw “a guy who loaded an entire plate of food from the buffet and dumped it because he put the wrong dressing on his salad”.

Although passengers can take as much food as they want at the buffet, it’s important not to be too wasteful.

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