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The iconic American fashion brand Gap returns to its musical roots with British band, Jungle, for its latest Spring 2024 collection, Gap Linen, featuring linen as a canvas for original style. It is a celebration of self-expression and individuality through fashion, music, and dance.

As the face of the new collection, they have roped in Grammy Award-winning artiste, Tyla, the 22-year-old sensation born and raised in South Africa, who is making waves with her recent Billboard Hot 100 hit, ‘Water’. Tyla’s creativity and authenticity align seamlessly with Gap’s commitment to championing originality.

In the campaign, you can see the cast wearing a mix of several linen and linen-blend items dressed in neutral and tonal styles. Tyla wears the linen cargo pant and crop top alongside the rest of the cast styled in other loose fit and utility-focused items from the collection, such as the Linen Halter Vest, the Linen Cargo Wide-Leg Pant, the Linen Long Sleeve Button-Up, and the Linen ’90s Loose, which is a new take on the classic pant.

The campaign embraces Gap’s roots as a pop culture brand working with artistic originals across fashion and music. Each frame showcases the seamless motion and effortless movement of the brand’s newest Linen Collection, inviting wearers to make each piece their own. The collection is easy to wear, versatile, and conveniently machine washable. The staples in the edit include the Linen Cropped Boyfriend Shirt, 100 per cent Linen Boyfriend Shirt, Linen Button-Up, and the 365 Linen-Blend Trouser.

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