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Seville is a wonderful winter hotspot for sun especially for those who prefer milder temperatu (Image: Getty Images)

Spain is a European favourite with plenty of beautiful destinations to visit, including several hotspots dotted across its archipelago islands. And though the weather during the winter months is notably cooler than the summer, that doesn’t mean you can’t still soak up some sunshine before spring rolls around.

Whether you want to visit mainland Spain or prefer to travel a little further to the toasty Canary Islands, several destinations promise the best chance of sunshine and even some balmy temperatures.


The largest city of Andalusia, Seville is known for soaring temperatures during the summer months, with highs of 36C and a zero percent chance of rain in July and August. If the scorching temperatures are enough to deter you from a peak summertime visit, then a comfortably warm winter visit might be more your speed.

In fact, even in its coldest month of January, Seville enjoys an average high temperature of 16C. In February, this rises to 18C and in March, the thermometer hits average highs of 21C.

Seville Spain

Seville is cheaper between January and March according to Tripadvisor (Image: Getty Images)

The good news is, if you are looking for a cheaper break to Seville, the low season from January to March is some of the least expensive according to Tripadvisor pro tips. Aleksandra B commented: “The most expensive months are April, December and the Bank holidays or special events.”

Similarly, former traveller 1highplansdrifter, who previously visited Seville, listed some of their favourite things about the destination on Tripadvisor. They said: “Seville has both old and new charm. It is a friendly, walkable, decently priced, clean city.”

Vueling, easyJet and Ryanair all fly direct from UK airports to Seville. Meanwhile, if you’re looking to enjoy a city break holiday, TUI has some great package options from as little as £204 per person including hotel and flights.

Lanzarote, Canary Islands

Though the Canary Islands are not on the Spanish mainland, the archipelago sits off the coast of Africa and as a result enjoys much toastier temperatures than the rest of Europe during the winter months.

Lanzarote tends to be the hottest and most arid of the Canary Islands, as it sits closest to the Sahara desert. And though it’s certainly not as hot during the summer months, Lanzarote still enjoys sunshine and temperatures that may even be warm enough to lounge by the pool.

In January, average highs reach around 20C, while the average low is just 13C. The same applies to February, and once March arrives the average high can reach 22C. However, Lanzarote has historically been known to reach highs of 27.9C in the first month of the year. Rainfall is possible, though minimal, with just two days of rain per month on average throughout the winter.

Lanzarote beach

Lanzarote is perhaps the warmest destination in Spain you can choose for the winter months (Image: Getty Images)

At the time of writing, Jet2 has package holidays to Lanzarote from less than £500 per person. Alternatively, the Leeds-based airline also offers direct flights from a number of UK airports to Lanzarote from £49 per person each way.

Experts from Tripadvisor say Lanzarote is a great option for families. “If your kids are sick of the same old beach holiday you take every year, consider taking them to Lanzarote,” states Tripadvisor.

“There are great beaches, to be sure, but this UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve has unique attractions and activities. We’re talking camel rides on volcanoes (at Timanfaya National Park), or eating at a restaurant in a volcanic cave (at Jameos del Agua). Even the most jaded teens will be impressed.”

Tenerife, Canary Islands

Neighbouring Canary Island Tenerife is also a great hotspot for winter sunshine, though can be a little cooler than Lanzarote. Though Tenerife is extremely popular with tourists in the summer, even in the winter there is still an estimated six hours of sunshine each day.

Average temperatures in January, which is the coldest month on the island, reach a comfortable 20C though there is slightly more rainfall than in Lanzarote, with an average of four days in the month.

According to Tripadvisor’s Travellers’ pro-tips, former holidaymaker Jack M said: “Tenerife is a diverse island with some absolutely stunning landscapes that are as contrasting as the island’s cultural personalities.”

Tenerife island view

Tenerife is another of the Canary Islands offering sunshine in the winter (Image: Getty Images)

If you want to explore off the beaten track in Tenerife, it’s a good idea to hire a car – there is so much to discover.

Jet2 currently has direct flights to Tenerife on sale from £49, with plenty of options during the winter months. easyJet also has some great package holiday options from £363 per person, including luggage, flights, transfers and hotel.


Malaga is another city snuggled in the Andalusian region which is fairly reliable for being one of the warmest spots in Spain during the winter months.

Located on the Costa del Sol, as you can expect from the name, you can anticipate lots of sunshine around the year. In the winter months, you can expect around six hours of sunshine a day rising to eight hours of sunshine by April.

Average highs sit at a comfortable 17C in January, which is notably warmer than in the UK at the same time of year. Of course, rain can not be ruled out in winter, with five days of average rainfall in the month of January, dropping to four days in February and March.

Malaga city view

Malaga is home to an array of museums and galleries to enjoy (Image: Getty Images)

Though the Costa del Sol can be extremely busy in summer, winter is a great time to avoid some of the crowds. And, if you do get caught on a rainy day, there are lots of wonderful museums to explore in Malaga, with the Alcazaba Fort voted the number one traveller favourite.

With Malaga being the birthplace of Pablo Picasso, the Museum Picasso Malaga is also well worth a visit.

“An impressive number of museums and monuments…provide plenty of diversions for those who opt not to spend all their time on the coast’s famed beaches and in their accompanying bars,” writes Tripadvisor.


Though not as warm as some of the other options on this list, the bustling city of Barcelona is a great option for a winter break. Offering an average of nine completely clear, sunshine-filled days on average in January and temperatures notably warmer than in most of the UK, the winter is a great time to beat the summer crowds and explore all that Barcelona has to offer.

You’re best to pack a fleece or light jacket as mornings and evenings can be chilly, but average highs in January and February usually sit around 15C in March this rises to 17C. That means it’s still warm enough to explore some of the city’s beautiful parks and outdoor spaces, and you can even fit in a stroll along the beach.

But, if you do end up caught on a cooler or damp day, there are so many museums and galleries to enjoy.

Women on holiday in Barcelona

Barcelona may be cooler in winter, but there are still sunny days to enjoy (Image: Getty Images)

“Barcelona is a buzzing city that’s so easy to fall in love with,” commented Tripadvisor pro Alice.

Right now, British Airways has flights to Barcelona from £36 per person each way, as well as some great savings on offer in its winter sale.

Alternatively, if a city break package holiday is more your thing, Jet2citybreaks has deals to Barcelona on offer from £152 per person.

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