This Popular Large-Room Air Purifier Is On Sale Now

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Wildfire season is upon many of us in just a few short months, depending on your region — which means investing in an air purifier before conditions potentially get smoky might not be a bad idea. The only downside is that these life-improving appliances are notoriously expensive, with some models ranging well into the thousands. But as luck would have it, you can snag one for less than $70 at Amazon right now.

The Aroeve air purifier, which has an average 4.6-star rating and tons of positive reviews, is currently back on sale for over 40% off its typical Amazon price of $119 and seems to be equipped with all of the vital requirements that make purifiers their most effective ― like a true HEPA filter and air quality monitoring system. All you have to do is remember to clip the $20 coupon to get the lowest price possible.

Using a combination of a true H13 HEPA filter (HEPA filters are used in hospitals to prevent the spread of airborne pathogens) and a high-efficiency filtration system, the Aroeve can effectively filter particles as small as 0.3 microns in the air in rooms as large as 1,095 square feet. It also features a UV light treatment stage to provide more comprehensive air purification.

Plus, thanks to an air quality sensor, the purifier automatically adjusts its power and will give an idea of your air quality in real time.

If you do decide to jump on this deal, the company recommends replacing the filter every three to six months, a process that takes just two short steps. If you need even more convincing to purchase the Aroeve for yourself, keep reading to see why others are so glad they did.

Promising Amazon reviews:

“Only smoker in the house. Before I was using a box fan in a window to exhaust the smoke. It never did a good job at not allowing the HVAC system to pull smoke back to the return. This machine removes 100% of the smoke particles from the room before it can make its way to another room. Non-smokers can’t even smell a hint of cigarette smoke in the room minutes after you extinguish a cigarette.” — Micheal

“Very very small compared to all of my friends’ purifiers, but it does the job. My girlfriend has had zero asthma attacks since I’ve had this thing and that in itself is worth the price. My basement smells a ton better, it used to have like a mildew smell but that’s gone. I’ve got two dog kennels in the basement also that would get smelly but that’s taken care of too. Honestly, I’ll probably buy one for each floor of my house, it’s that good.” — Shane

“With the out of control wildfires lately, the air quality in our area has been designated dangerous and I could smell smoke in my house. I ordered this unit, took the plastic off the filter (very important), and turned it on Auto. The fan went to high speed, the light ring turned yellow, and within about a half hour, the ring turned blue, speed dropped, and there was no smoke smell in the house. It’s quiet even when running at high speed, it does the job, and I’m pretty happy with my purchase. The unit seems well made and looks nice enough.” — C Sanders

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