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27 Effective Yet Affordable Beauty Products

A thermal care kit containing shampoo, leave-in treatment and thermal protective treatment

This trio works together to not only help restore moisture and shine to damaged locks, but also to help protect hair from heat and other irritants going forward.

My colleague Jordan Grigsby loves this kit. Here’s what she has to say about it:

“You see that shine? That volume? That bounce? Babyyyy my hair is FLAWLESS. Witchcraft, right? Oh, and if you could feel it?! HONEYYYY, so, so soft and silky. It is seriously bone-straight and looks and feels soooo healthy! And, my hair is NATURAL (other than the obvious blue dye); I haven’t used relaxers or keratin treatments in over 10 years. Now, I am by no means a hairstylist, and nothing tops their magical hands, but sweetieeeee, these products blow my mind. This trio does what needs to be done, and like, I did it — I delivered these results. Nothing has ever made my hair look like this unless a stylist was styling my hair. And when I step out of my house, you cannot tell me I’m not the most fabulous person in the world — I’m literally Beyoncé. My hair flows and bounces as if I have a personal fan in front of me, and I CANNOT keep my hands out of my hair. The shampoo and conditioner help get ALLLL the product buildup out of my hair and leave my hair feeling squeaky clean. Then, I add my serum (before blow-drying and again before straightening), and BAM — I’m flawless. The combo of all three is just chefs kiss, and they help protect my hair from heat damage. If you want a magic wand to set everything off, invest in the Babyliss straightener! My hairdresser uses it so I grabbed one too and now I always look like I just stepped out of the salon.”

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